About the name change

About the name change

This coalition formed around the goal of putting a price on carbon in the District , which is why we were called the “Put A Price On It, DC” coalition.

What was eventually introduced by Councilmember Mary Cheh, the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act (“Clean Energy DC Act”),  is different than the carbon price we called for. However, Councilmember Cheh and the rest of our Councilmembers heard loud and clear that DC residents want strong action to reduce carbon emissions. They heard our demand for a transition to renewable energy sources to avoid the worst impacts of global warming, to protect our health and the health of our planet.

The Clean Energy DC Act was introduced on July 10 and is currently co-sponsored by seven members of DC Council. If passed, the bill will take important steps to reduce DC’s reliance on fossil fuels. It will significantly cut emissions and place DC among the frontrunners of states and cities fighting climate change. It also reflects our campaign’s hard-won principles of strong, economy-wide emission reductions with a focus on equity

As such, this is a true victory that would not be happening without this coalition’s tireless advocacy.

That’s why we will fight for its passage, and why we are rebranding as the “DC Climate Coalition.”

We have two main goals: to make sure this bill is as strong as possible while protecting low-income residents, and to pass the bill THIS YEAR.

One thing is certain: Every day we fail to take action makes the climate crisis worse. It means more people will die in hurricanes intensified by warmer waters or get sick from extreme heat. There is no time to wait. We need serious climate action now, and that means passing the “Clean Energy DC Act” as soon as possible.

Our Coalition still believes that a carbon fee-and-rebate policy — with a carbon price strong enough to reflect the devastating costs of burning fossil fuels, and a rebate to enfranchise all of us in the transitionis the best way to address climate change. But we also believe that the Clean Energy DC Act is a nation-leading policy that will serve a similar purpose. The funds raised by increasing the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund, for example, can be used to help us begin to pay for the needed transition to clean energy, and for special programs to assist low- to middle- income residents. They can also be used to help DC businesses invest in the clean energy economy. (Read more about the bill here.)

So, the “DC Climate Coalition” will continue to ask:

– What price would we be willing to pay for a healthy planet?

– What value would we give healthy children and grandchildren?

Most DC residents would agree on the answer: Priceless.

We’re all working together for a better future in DC. Let’s get it done!