Hundreds of Howard University Students to Advocate for DC Climate Action as Part of Annual “Day of Service”

Hundreds of Howard University Students to Advocate for DC Climate Action as Part of Annual “Day of Service”

‘Clean Energy DC Act’ gaining steam as 500 students to advocate the community during the sixth annual Howard University Day of Service

WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, August 17, up to 500 Howard University students will descend upon DC to spread the word about a local DC climate policy called the “Clean Energy DC Act.” This is happening as part of the sixth annual Howard University Day of Service (HUDOS), which builds upon the University’s legacy of service to humanity.

This is the first time that Howard University will participate in an initiative for the advancement of local DC climate policy. The students will go through a training about the “Clean Energy DC Act,” as well as a training in petitioning and other advocacy tools. Then, they will spread out throughout all eight wards to poster DC neighborhoods and spread the word about the policy through petitioning.

The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, or “Clean Energy DC Act,” was introduced by D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh (Ward 3) on July 10 with a majority support in the Council. If enacted, this bill would transition the District to 100% clean electricity by 2032 — the strongest renewable energy law in the country — while investing in energy efficiency, creating groundbreaking building standards, and funding local programs to help low-income residents and make the city a sustainable place to live.

Clara Ekezie, Site Coordinator at Howard University, stated: “We are excited to partner with the Chesapeake Climate Action Network as they educate the community about the ‘Clean Energy DC Act.’ As students at Howard University, we will live through the impacts of climate change if nothing is done to lower greenhouse gas emissions, so our peers know how important it is to take action and get involved in this initiative. It’s very encouraging to see hundreds of organizations and students coming together on an issue as important as this.”

“It’s incredible to know that hundreds students are actively engaged and supportive of clean energy in DC,” said Chelsea Hodgkins, DC Campaign Coordinator at the CCAN Action Fund. “We are thrilled to engage students in advocacy for clean energy specifically and the democratic process more broadly. It’s particularly exciting to partner with Howard students knowing that this is the beginning of their journey as the next generation of rising leaders in this movement and others.”

While the bill does not include a “price on carbon pollution” as has been requested by a 100-group coalition of environmental and justice groups over the past two years, it embodies the coalition’s principles of equity and strong carbon reductions, and would make DC a world leader on climate change.

The Howard University Day of Service (HUDOS) provides an opportunity for incoming students to embrace the University’s motto, “Truth and Service.” The Howard University Day of Service will continue to build upon the legacy of service to humanity. It is modeled after Howard University’s nationally recognized Alternative Spring Break program and will provide service-learning opportunities as a part of the students’ introductory experience to the University. Current Howard University students, faculty, staff, administrators and alumni will volunteer across the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Howard University Day of Service 2018 will focus on five service-learning initiatives: education, environmental services, health, homelessness and poverty, and violence. This service learning experience will allow Howard University students to discover the power of lending a hand while engaging with the DC community.

A copy of the legislation is available here: Clean Energy DC Act.