April 13, 12:30pm: Students to rally at DC Council as time runs out for carbon bill

April 13, 12:30pm: Students to rally at DC Council as time runs out for carbon bill

Students and Teachers join Climate Advocates to Rally for Strong, Progressive Carbon Rebate Policy as D.C. Council Introduction Date Nears

Carbon fee-and-rebate policy proposed to be introduced June 5; advocates rally for a policy that is equitable and fair

Washington, DC — Dozens of students, teachers, and climate and justice advocates will join together for a rally on April 13 at 12:30pm to urge the D.C. Council to introduce a strong, progressive carbon fee-and-rebate policy. On the steps of the Wilson Building, middle school students and teachers will be joined by members of the “Put A Price On It, D.C.” coalition, which consists of 70 local organizations and businesses, to speak out in favor of the proposed policy. They will be surrounded by giant clocks noting that “time is running out” for strong climate action. At least 25 students from D.C. middle schools and universities are expected to attend, with three middle schoolers as speakers.

D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh (Ward 3) has indicated that she will introduce the bill on June 5. The proposed carbon fee-and-rebate policy would place a fee on carbon pollution in the District and rebate a majority of revenue raised back to D.C. residents. The speakers will call on D.C. Councilmembers to ensure that the bill includes a progressive rebate to benefit all D.C. residents, especially the poor, when it is introduced.

WHAT: Climate Day of Action: DC Youth Rally for a Carbon Price
WHERE: Front steps of the John A. Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC)
WHEN: Friday, April 13, 12:30pm
– Three D.C. middle school students
– Payal Shah, Moms Clean Air Force
– Riley Place, Generation E PAC
– Kymone Freeman, founder of We Act Radio
-Camila Thorndike, CCAN Action Fund

Advocates for the proposed policy say the campaign has new momentum this spring. In autumn, Mary Cheh, head of the Committee on Transportation & the Environment, told a crowd of Ward 3 Democrats that the proposed carbon fee-and-rebate policy is a “fabulous concept” that will “have to have Council support and the mayor’s support – and [it] will.” The coalition expects a bill to be introduced early this summer with the majority support of the Council.

The “Put A Price On It, D.C.” coalition is comprised of 70 climate and justice advocacy organizations, including more than a dozen local businesses.

Denise Robbins, Communications Director, denise@chesapeakeclimate.org, 608-620-8819
Camila Thorndike, Carbon Pricing Director, camila@chesapeakeclimate.org, 541-951-2619.